FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY RETREATS with LEONID GUREVICH - are immersive series of elaborate fashion photography productions, created exclusively for photographers looking to get authentic, 'hands-on", action-packed, photography experiences in some of the most opulent locations around the globe.


FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY RETREATS with LEONID GUREVICH - is what you enjoy after you have attended all the photography workshops, purchased all the cool equipment, and are now ready to shoot amazing images - without the headache of having to deal with the production yourself.


Leonid Gurevich and his team create couture-inspired looks, reminiscent of Vogue and Vanity Fair fashion productions in breathtaking locations around the world  - all you have to do is show up with your camera and start shooting! 


To book a place, or ask any questions not covered in the FAQ below, please email us at  GurevichGroup@LeonidGurevich.com or via Contact section on this website.


DATES: March 10, March 11, and March 12 of 2020

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Detailed info on the upcoming Fashion Photography Retreats with Leonid Gurevich  is coming up shortly.

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