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Dear Photographers (pro, semi-pro, and beginners!),  


If you’ve ever dreamed of photographing breathtaking fashion images in jaw-dropping locations - your time has come!

FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY RETREATS WITH LEONID GUREVICH is now accepting reservations – and YOU are invited to book your spot!

FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY RETREATS with LEONID GUREVICH - are immersive series of elaborate fashion photography productions, created exclusively for photographers looking to get authentic, 'hands-on", action-packed, photography experiences in some of the most opulent locations around the globe.  Leonid Gurevich and his team create couture-inspired looks, reminiscent of Vogue and Vanity Fair fashion productions in breathtaking locations - all you have to do is show up with your camera and start shooting! 


DATES: March 10, March 11, and March 12 of 2020

To book a place, or ask any questions not covered in the FAQ section, please email us at  

Also join this Facebook group where new events are announced first, where you can ask any questions and meet like minded-people.


Join us at the already promising-to-be-epic 1-3 day event in March, 2020 at a stunning historic location just across the river from New York City. 


Having styled multiple elaborate shoots for Miss Aniela’s famous Fashion Shoot Experience (most notably in The Hamptons, Bel Air, Yonkers, and The Pines in New York), two advertising campaigns for NIKON,  Creative Live episode, and most recently, an advertising campaign for Cayman Islands Department of Tourism - all photographed and produced by Miss Aniela, in addition to styling countless fashion editorials, Leonid Gurevich is now producing, styling and hosting his own fashion photography events called FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY RETREATS WITH LEONID GUREVICH.  


The backdrop for our first Retreat is the majestic Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre - a palace-style movie theater built during the Roaring 20’s. Opened in 1929, it was one of the five Loew's Wonder Theatres, a series of flagship Loew's movie palaces in the New York City area:




location 2.jpg

Just imagine! Two floors of breathtaking Gilded Age décor and Golden Hollywood Era elegance: marble columns, elaborate cast iron railings, massive baroque chandeliers, endless stairs, a grand stage and velvet curtain, red velvet seats… Imagine gorgeous fashion models dressed in voluminous dresses, dripping with jewels, feathers, liquid gold..  Opulent drama of gargantuan proportions... Couture Overdose – all for you to shoot!

DATES (each is a one day event):


Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Each day will have six to seven models and 4 shooting periods/time slots, with photographers shooting in pairs with each model for an hour. 


You will have full creative freedom as to how you shoot.  And the best thing is - you will be granted full commercial rights to the photos you take during the Retreats. 



Each day will also have 3 prominent themes:


Day 1 – Hollywood theme.

Day 2 – Medieval theme.

Day 3 – Asian theme. 


All three themes in March’s Retreat will be unified by the Gilded Age aesthetic. See moodboards below. 

DAY 1 (March 10th, 2020)  - HOLLYWOOD



























DAY 2 (March 11th, 2020)  - MEDIEVAL 

































DAY 3  (March 12th, 2020)  - ASIAN


































From securing the one-of-a-kind venue, to hiring teams of professional Hair stylists and Makeup artists, to beautiful models styled by Leonid Gurevich, to breakfasts and lunches – all the production and preparation is taken take of so that you can concentrate only on shooting your heart out! 


You will arrive on the set by 9:00 am, enjoy a light breakfast, meet the team, take a walk around the location, followed by a welcoming speech from the host Leonid Gurevich (while the models are getting hair and makeup done). 


You will then be split into pairs and brought to your first location point, where you will start shooting your first model.  There are three shooting sessions before lunch, that way you will have shot three models by lunch break (lunch is provided) after which, the models get touch-ups, and the shooting sessions resume.    


Sessions continue for another 3 hours, after which we take a group photo, pack up, and leave.  You will find a more detailed description in the file we provide you with upon signing up. You will also receive a PDF file with preview of the team, as well as photos of the models and the looks they will be wearing. 


Also, we are beyond thrilled to announce that the world renowned photographer Miss Aniela, (who, at this point is a dear friend, after all these magical years we’ve worked together) is joining us as our special guest!



There are THREE shooting days available, with SIX photographer spaces per day.

Price per spot per day: $3,250 USD 


Book one, two, or all three days - Each additional day gets a discount:


1 day: $3250 USD

2 days: $6250 USD ($3250 + $3,000)

3 days: $9100 USD ($3250 + $3000 + $2850) 

Also makes a great gift!  Book the March RETREAT for that special photographer in your life. Happy Holidays!


Your reservation will be confirmed once you pay the event price in full.  Here’s what to expect:


1.    Send us an email with your interest to participate (  

2.    We confirm availability.   

3.    You will receive an Invoice and a PDF from us with all the details regarding payment terms. You can pay via VENMO, TRANSFERWISE, or PAYPAL. (Paying with the latter, please keep in mind that PAYPAL charges a small fee) 


In the same PDF you will receive detailed info on schedule, location, what to bring, etc.  We will also send you a preview of the Team, including Models and the looks with come confirmed pieces at least two weeks before the event.

Cancellations received outside of 30-days prior to the event will be subject to 50% refund of your payment. 


Cancellations received within 30-days prior to the event are non-refundable. Please note, we are not responsible for refunding travel or accommodation fees. 


The PDF that we will send you will state all the info details. Please read it carefully.  

Should you have any questions about our payment procedure or the policy, please email us.



This is not a workshop and not a master-class.  

No one will be telling you how to shoot. No one will be taking your valuable time away from shooting the models. You won't be learning about your camera or lighting - instead you will busy experiencing a full-scale, inspiration-packed fashion shoot.  You photograph the models the way you want, the way you see it, with your lighting, from your angle. 

It is an amazing opportunity for you to shoot fashion and art images with couture flair in opulent locations, without the hassle of having to put it together yourself, and without the huge budgets associated with it.  This is where you create the work you’ve always wanted to create AND get full commercial rights to use it the way you see fit.  


Your place will be secured once you pay the event price in full.

In the meantime, look at the images of the location and our preliminary moodboard showing roughly how I intend to style the models; take a look at our FAQ list, email us your interest in participation to initiate the reservation of your spot, or send us any questions you might have.

We cannot wait to create magic together with you in March! 

Stay on top of all the important updates by following this FB group. 

Reserve your spot!
Email us at 



MOODBOARD_ medieval moodboard loews .jpg
MOODBOARD_ ASIAN moodboard loews to use
moodboard loews HOLLYWOOD.JPG
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